Latest Covid Update

Thursday 31st March

We are trying to balance the end of most Government restrictions with the need to keep each other safe (especially people who are vulnerable to disease) while there are still high numbers of Covid in our local community.

Many of us are wearing masks while in the building. Now that testing is no longer freely available, this is a way of protecting others if we have Covid but no symptoms.


If you feel unwell, please think twice about coming into the Church or Centre. Our Sunday services are streamed on YouTube, so you won't miss out, and we look forward to seeing you again when you're well.

Let's show care and respect for each other, even if it means making some sacrifices to keep others safe. Thank you.


Our Sunday services are streamed live on our YouTube channel, and they're available there for catching up later.

Go to Church in bed, in the bath, on the beach - it's almost as good as the real thing (but not quite!)