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Younger Women's

Monday's 8pm

This group meets fortnightly for, predominately (but not exclusively), Mums and younger women. Together we will open the Word, pray and have a laugh. There is regular consuming of food!

SNOTs (Sunday Nights Over Twelves)

Sundays 8.15pm

You're never too young to study the Bible together. Every Sunday the Youth of Trinity get together to study the Bible, Pray and have a laugh together. We have fireworks in November, Pizza on Christmas Eve, Chips in December and regular games nights.

Teen study group
Group Discussion

Young Adults

Tuesdays 7.30pm

This group is for the younger generation of adults. A chance to share fellowship with people in your own stage of life.

We have followed a variety of different materials, including a recent series which examined faith in the film Les Misérables.

Tuesday Mixed Adults

Tuesdays at 7pm

We meet fortnightly, a group of adults of all ages. We are currently following the 'Living Faithfully' series.


Young at Heart

Thursdays at 2.30pm

A chance for those more 'mature' adults to meet together and open the Word of God, prayer and share in friendship and fellowship.

Thursday Mixed Adults

Thursday at 1.30pm

This group meets at church which meets fortnightly. Open the Bible, prayer, share fellowship and make friends with like-minded people.

Friends Talking

Ladies Life Group

Thursdays at 7.30pm

A fortnightly group for ladies to meet and discuss their faith in a secure setting. You can be sure of friendship, faith and fun!

To find out more information about any of these groups, or to join one, please contact our church office via the Contact page.