Sundays Worship


Sundays 10.30am

 In the past this has been a time when all ages come together for worship. Some of that time is spent together and some is where the age groups meet separately.

Worship is led by a mixture of worship group and organ with a mixture of music, songs and hymns. What worship will look like post pandemic is still being worked out. At the moment we are just moving into "Hybrid" worship. A mixture of live and zoom worship where people participate either from home or from the Church building - together we are church.

During the height of the pandemic worship was offered via zoom for active participation and youTube for those who preferred that method.

Farsi Worship

Each week there is an act of worship at 2pm which enables members from the Farsi community to worship in their own language. 

At the moment this is held over Zoom. The Farsi congregation occasionally meets with the 10.30 congregation for special occasions such as baptism. 

They are part of the Trinity Church family.

کلیسای تثلیثی فارسی زبانان نیوکاسل از تمام فارسی زبانان عزیز در شهر نیوکاسل و حومه دعوت می نمایید: اگر مشتاق به شنیدن خبر خوش انجیل هستید،میتوانید در جلسات تعلیمی ،پرستشی و مشارکتی شرکت نمایید.

انجیل یوحنا باب ۳

۱۶ ((زیرا خدا جهان را اینقدر محبت نمود که پسر یگانه خود را داد تا هر که بر او ایمان آورد، هلاک نگردد بلکه حیات جاودانی یابد))

در صورت نیاز به اطلاعات بیشتر می توانید با این شماره تماس حاصل فرمائید . 

عمران 07809144722


Sundays 6pm

Sunday evening worship, prior to Covid was generally held in the café and was more interactive with a smaller number of people.

We would try various approaches to worship most of which invited participation where it was wanted. We would engage with conversation and reflection as well as worshipping together.

Post Covid it will follow a similar pattern, although initially at a greater distance!

Young Church

Young Church consists of four groups; Dots 'n' Tots, Enquirers, Explorers and Elevate. Each of these groups is for a different age group and serves a different purpose, all of them with the long term goal of helping your children discover Jesus.

This group runs alongside our morning worship. We begin in the main worship, before breaking off into the children and youth groups. Here we participate in crafts, stories, teaching and prayer.

Children coloring

For more information contact our Church Office via the Contact page.