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We want everyone to feel welcome and included at Trinity, regardless of age, health, gender, sexuality, race, religion (though our Church services are obviously Christian), or any other distinction.

Here are some of the things we have done and are doing to help everyone participate, but please let us know if there is more we can do for you.


There is step-free access to all parts of our Centre.

There is a lift up to the first floor.

Accessible toilets can be found on both floors.

Two spaces in our car park are marked out for blue badge holders.

Hearing impairment

Our ground-floor meeting rooms have built-in induction loops.

Sight impairment

In our church services, we provide large-print hymn books and printed words for those who cannot easily see words projected onto the screens.


We are constantly exploring how to make our church services easier to access.

The cafe is open on Sundays if being in Church becomes overwhelming, or the Derwent Hall is available as a quiet space during the service.

During the week, please ask at Reception or at the Office if you need a quiet space.

Gendered toilets

While we have two larger single-gendered toilets (Ladies & Gents), there are plenty of non-specific toilets in the Centre.

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