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Trinity Church

At the heart of Trinity is a community of people, discovering together the difference that following Jesus makes in our daily lives.

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Every Sunday we meet for worship at 10.30am. Alongside our morning worship we have a Young Church for children and teens. The service lasts for about an hour. We celebrate Communion on the 3rd Sunday each month.

Our services are also streamed live on YouTube, and there are some archived services if you'd like to have a look.

We try to make our services as accessible as possible so that everyone can participate.

We want everyone to feel welcome at Trinity.

What do we believe?

Jesus Christ is at the heart of our faith. We believe he embodied the love of God for us all - love that is gracious, hospitable and welcoming. We believe that through his execution and by rising to new life, God has broken the hold of death over us and so gives us hope that all things - including each one of us - will be made new. We are experiencing that new life already because God gives us the Holy Spirit, who helps us put our faith into practice in all sorts of ways.

We don't claim to be perfect - we are just travellers who are finding a way to live more fulfilled and meaningful lives as we follow Jesus together. We'd love to share this life with you...

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Midweek Groups

We offer many opportunities to meet beyond the Sunday service. Some of these are more spiritual, such as bible study groups. Some are more social. Some serve particular sectors of the community, like our Toddler Group or our Men's Shed.

See the Midweek Groups page for more about Church groups, or the What's On page to see all the groups that meet in Trinity.

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